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SomeHelp: Free, simple IT help desk software

SomeHelp is free, simple IT help desk software which helps your IT team/support desk manage and administrate support calls from your own organisation's users or your customers. It has been deliberately designed for simplicity of use and although it is rich in features, if you do want the most sophisticated solution available then this may not be the database for you!

So what does SomeHelp do? With SomeHelp, you can:

Record all calls and caller information
Automatically send emails to Callers and Support Staff when a new call is added and when a Call is resolved
Instantly see any unresolved calls
Record multiple actions against each call to show what has been done
Link documents, files and web URLs to calls for one-click automatic retrieval
Produce reports on outstanding calls and call statistics, and export data to Excel/Word for further analysis
Access and query an automatically built Knowledge Base of all your callers' previous problems and find the solutions and answers which you gave before
Record additional information on callers including details on their PC configuration, other assets and contact details
Add your own User Defined Fields
and more. And it runs on a stand-alone PC or a local area network.

For a more detailed list of features, click here.

Note: the database was created in Access 2000 and you do need Access 2000 or later installed on any PC on which you want to use SomeHelp.

Please note: I am no longer developing or supporting SomeHelp - but you are still welcome to download it, it's free! And I still think as a simple, Access-based system it stands up pretty well to doing what is required for a simple help desk software system.

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